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Taheebo Life Tea

Taheebo Life Tea Caps

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arrow Taheebo Life Tea -- Taheebo is a powerful immune system booster and natural anti-biotic. Read about Taheebo as a treatment for cancer. There are literally thousands of different supplements we could market -- but we only sell a very small number of truly significant supplements. Taheebo Tea is a vital member of the Vibrant Life product line-up -- and for very good reasons. Read this article to find out about the miracles of Taheebo Tea!

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Product Description

Taheebo Life Tea boosts the immune system naturally. Vibrant Life Taheebo Tea seems to bring improvement in cases of cancer, viral problems and yeast infections because it boosts the immune system naturally.

Taheebo is just one of the names, also Pau D’ Arco and Ipe Roxa, brought from South America and sold widely as a tea. That still works fine, but for a serious problem you would have to drink more than 100 cups of tea per day!

Some dishonest sources sell the ground up bark in a capsule but the body cannot digest this cellulose. Vibrant Life extracts the active ingredients out of the bark with a non-heat process. This concentrated extract in each capsule provides the equivalent of six regular cups of brewed tea. Take a few for prevention. Take larger quantities for serious needs.

Pricing: 1 Bottle = 300 capsules

  • 1 Bottle: $70.00
  • 4 Bottles: $210 (25% discount)
  • 8 Bottles: $392 (30% discount)
  • 24 Bottles: $1092 (35% discount)
  • 60 Bottles: $2520 (40% discount)




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